"Your Debut Begins Here!"

Well we have the answers right here! My Date Scene is not just for people looking for a mate but also for those who have already found their special someone.
For YOU, we bring relationships together and help keep them there! Why make dating complicated? My Date Scene is EASY!


Dating Events Tailored for Singles and Relationships.

Do more than just message people. Come to one of the many events to meet people and enjoy your area. We have events just for singles to meet each other in a safe and fun environment.

Never wonder what to do. My Date Scene has things for you to do and places for you to go whether you are single trying to meet someone or want to spend time with your significant other!

Having a successful relationship begins with having an exciting dating lifestyle. Make your relationship more than just the regular dinner and a movie and take your significant other to a variety of events you both can enjoy.  

The key to successful relationships is dating your mate forever. That is what MDS events are meant to do.




Discounts on Vacations and Getaways

Saving money on your next trip is always a good thing. Our getaway deals can get you up to 60% off your fun singles trip or romantic vacation.

We work with gaining more partnerships with travel and vacation organizations to get our members exclusive deals on your getaways. In addition, traveling through My Date Scene will get you additional acheivement points that you can use to earn cash and rewards. 

Your next trip awaits! Check our schedule for exclusive singles and couples trips and events. 






cash-380-fCash Prizes, Contests and Unlimited Deals Included

We just don't give you fake digital ribbons for contests. We give you real prizes and rewards for being active!

Save thousands of dollars on your trips and dates with limitless amounts of deals, coupons, discounts, and specials. From local restaurants to romantic islands, My Date Scene looks out for our members to enjoy life while keeping money in their pockets.

Keeping your dating scene fun couldn't be easier.  Simply check out our 52 weeks of dating, places to go, and MDS deals and find the activity that is best for you and your mate. It's that simple. Even if you don't know how to make a date out of it, we give you ideas as well!




peer-380Peer-to-Peer Experience Sharing and Advice

Share your ideas, experiences, and advice to other members.

My Date Scene is more than just a "hook-up" center. We are relationship developers. Whether you are single, dating, or married, We look forward to having a network that is open to sharing and helping one another with advice, suggestions, and even comments.

We have professional staff and counselors ready to give advice on any topic and all members are open to sharing their ideas and experiences with us and other members.

A successful relationship takes a community! Let's build one together.



billing-iconSimple Low-Cost Monthly Billing Plans

You will pay more for one trip to McDonald's than you will at My Date Scene!

With most so-called "dating networks" it may cost $50 a month or more for a network with little to do and tailored only to messaging singles.  My Date Scene redefines the traditional methods and focus on having you get together and keep you there.  

It cost ONLY $10 a month!

All plans are all-inclusive access and no long term contracts. The best $10 you will spend all month!





100% Safe and Risk-Free Guarantee

Have the total peace of mind creating your profile knowing that there is a 100% guarantee of first month satisfaction. If you are not satisfied your first month, we will give you the second month completely no charge. Always.




Join Now!

Get started with your dating scene. You debut begins now! 

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